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Do you know what negative ions are? Huabang will show you

2018-10-08 09:13:53
  Do you know what negative ions are? Huabang will show you
  The charged particles that the atom loses or gains electrons are called ions, such as Na +. Charged atomic groups are also called "ions", such as sulfate ions. Some branches can also become ions under special circumstances. The negative ions are the ions with each or more negative charges, which are called "negative ions", also known as "anions". In conclusion, the negative ions are not equal to the negative oxygen ions, which belong to the negative ions In which category, negative ions and negative oxygen ions should not be mixed
  Negative ion powder is the reason that human beings use to form negative ions in nature. Which kind of composite minerals are artificially combined or proportioned, usually electrical stone powder + lanthanide elements or rare earth elements, in which rare earth elements account for more than 60%, electrical stone powder only accounts for more than 20%, and there are other hybrid minerals. It is rare earth that is forming negative ions, and tourmaline is still forming negative ions, and can it be formed Negative oxygen ions, immediate and controversial
  Most of the free electrons formed by the ionization of atmosphere branch under the use of high pressure or strong radiation are obtained by oxygen. Therefore, atmosphere anion is always referred to as "negative oxygen ion". The negative oxygen ion known as "atmosphere vitamin" can activate the cell team to bring forth new ideas and create excellent circumstances in the life body, so as to improve human immunity, cure and buffer various chronic diseases of the human body . it can also eliminate smoke, dust, sterilization, mildew, formaldehyde and purify atmosphere

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