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What is the function of adding anionic powder to silica gel

2018-09-11 09:21:57
  What is the function of adding anionic powder to silica gel
  As we all know, the application boundary of anionic powder is silica gel, which has many excellent properties such as excellent heat and cold resistance, good electrical properties, etc. Therefore, silica gel can be commonly used in jewelry, crafts, packaging materials, automobiles, daily necessities, medical and other boundaries. So what's the use of anionic powder in silica gel?
  The negative ion powder for silica gel has the functions of purifying atmosphere, eliminating human fatigue, accelerating blood circulation and stimulating human health. With silica gel negative ion powder also has antibacterial, antibacterial use, and has a clear deodorization effect. Therefore, anionic powder has great application in silica gel.
  Silica gel is added to all kinds of silica gel products with negative ion powder. When it is worn on or placed near people, it may continuously emit negative ions to the human body and atmosphere to improve the quality of atmosphere, so that the human body is still energetic; on the other hand, it can continuously remove all kinds of body waste secreted by the body, stimulate blood circulation to reach excellent health care use 。
  It is in view of the various benefits of negative ion powder for silica gel, so many factories and enterprises at present are in their products, such as silica gel watch belt, silica gel jewelry, silica gel crafts, silica gel underwear accessories, silica gel adult products, silica gel material packaging materials and so on. Adding anionic powder for silica gel is a good way for manufacturers and enterprises of silica gel products to improve products, conduct and profit.
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