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Anionic powder for interior wall coating

2018-10-15 09:40:28
  Anionic interior wall coating is an advanced functional material, and anionic assistant is a kind of nano-based fineness material. Its scientific name is nano anionic powder with microporous structure and huge surface area, which has strong adsorption performance. When in contact with the air, it can absorb the harmful gas in the surrounding environment to the surface of the material and fix it to the pores of the surface of the material, and then neutralize and react with chemicals, so as to achieve the purification effect
  Anion interior wall coating: unique formula, excellent performance, green ecology, environmental friendly, with forest function. Widely used in home, school, hospital, high-end apartment and catering operation room and other environment coating.
  According to the theory of the Joint Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics on atmosphere, the negative ions in the air are oh - (H2O) n, O2 - (H2O) n and Co4 - (H2O) n. the appropriate concentration of negative ions in the air is very beneficial to human health, longevity and ecological environment.
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