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Yellow anion powder used in ceramic industry

2018-09-21 11:02:56
  How to improve the application of yellow anion powder in ceramics? Because of the cost of the negative ion powder, we have introduced it before. However, due to the low price of yellow anion powder, it is still the favorite of many ceramic manufacturers.
  So, how to improve the application of yellow anion powder in ceramics? That is to make the best of everything. In terms of performance, the release amount of yellow anion powder must be no less than that of white anion powder, or even better. But its color is earthy yellow, which will affect the color of some finished products, so it is greatly reduced in the application field. As a raw material manufacturer, Huabang mineral often suggests that when making porcelain, we should put the Yellow negative ion powder into the blank, which will not affect the color of the product, but also have the best effect.
  This little suggestion can make the porcelain factory test in many links and how to reach the best level of our factory.
  From it, I can appreciate the charm of ancient hand-made porcelain in Jingdezhen. In ancient kilns, we can see the practice of mud, drawing, printing, benefit, drying, carving, glaze, firing, painting, glaze color change, etc.
  Fortunately, such non-metallic mineral products as negative ion powder can withstand high temperature, and can fully withstand the high temperature of porcelain making and achieve the best effect.
  In addition, in the production of ceramics, glaze making is also a necessary link.
  Glaze application: General round ware adopts dip glaze or swing glaze. Glaze blowing for chisel or large-scale round ware. Most ceramic products need to be glazed before they can be fired. Glaze technology seems to be simple, but it is very important and difficult to master a process. It's not easy to make the glaze layer of each part of the body uniform, appropriate thickness, and pay attention to the different mobility of various glazes. Jingdezhen ceramic decoration can be roughly divided into two basic types: underglaze decoration and overglaze decoration. Underglaze decoration refers to the porcelain that is directly processed on the clay body for artistic decoration and fired with glaze. It is named because its decorative pattern is under the glaze layer of porcelain, mainly including blue and white, underglaze red and underglaze five colors. The process of decoration on the glaze of fired porcelain is called glaze color, including ancient color, powder color, ink color, new color, etc.
  At present, there is no yellow negative ion powder in the glaze, which can be added as white negative ion powder, which is the biggest gap between the two due to color. This is the most important thing for yellow anion powder, and it can also be paid attention to in ceramic industry.
  At present, Shijiazhuang has entered the production restriction order, and the number restriction link has been greatly adjusted after the national day. If you need anion powder, please make sure to make a reservation by phone in advance.
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