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Huabang anion powder series
Huabang tourmaline series
Huabang iron oxide pigment series
Huabang Tomalin ball series
Huabang color sand series
Huabang rock sheet series
Huabang mica series
Huabang vermiculite series

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Shijiazhuang Huabang mineral products Co., Ltd. is a building materials enterprise integrating production, processing and sales. The company is located in Shikan Industrial Zone, Ciyu Town, Lingshou County, Hebei Province, 50km away from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, 260km away from Beijing, with convenient transportation, communication and rich mineral resources. Our company has built workshops for processing, beneficiation, packaging and storage, with modern production and Test and test equipment. Our company makes full use of local geographical and resource advantages,




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Shijiazhuang Huabang
mineral products Co., Ltd
Ddd:Shikan Industrial Zone,
Lingshou County, Hebei Province
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