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Why can't negative ion powder used in health care industry eat

2018-09-18 09:28:27
Although calcium carbonate can be absorbed by human body after being processed, not all non-metallic mineral products can be used in food. Today, as a negative ion powder manufacturer, I would like to introduce to you: why can't negative ion powder be eaten?
In many applications of anionic powder, no matter which category, you will find that this does not include diet. Yes, as a stone powder product, anionic powder cannot be eaten or added, even water-soluble anionic powder that can be dissolved in liquid.
At this time last year, a woman in Shandong called to consult with the water-soluble anion powder. She saw that the anion powder could eliminate the peculiar smell on the Internet, so she wanted to put it in the ingredients. In fact, it's totally unimaginable in the hot pot bottom materials and vegetables.
Anionic powder is not a preservative or a raw material for edible mineral products. Even for those who know something about it, negative ion powder has a certain release, which has both good and bad aspects.
At present, in the research of society, anion powder can be applied to the following industries: environmental protection, cigarettes, ceramics, coatings, textiles, cosmetics, water purification, air purification, anti electromagnetic radiation, health products, etc., excluding catering raw materials.
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